Endorsement 1. – The BEST Bacon Cheese Burger EVER!!

Tonight my husband and I celebrated our 15th anniversary where it started,  well kind of. We went to what is now called the Bass Bay Brewhouse for dinner. Formerly The Aud Mar. Either way I had the absolute hands down best bacon cheese burger and loaded french fries. I normally do not get excited about my food, and definitely not a bacon burger. The reality is I have never had a bacon cheese burger worth getting excited about, till now.  I am particular about my bacon, I like it crispy. Bass Bay Brewhouse not only makes the bacon crispy but it’s in chunky pieces. You get bacon in EVERY bite. Then there is the sauce. I can’t remember what was special about it, but it was a perfect compliment. The bun was perfect. It wasn’t so big you couldn’t fit it in your mouth or you had more bun than meat. It was really the most perfect burger.  Then I had the loaded fries with the baked potato load. Incredible, same chunky bacon pieces with cheese and sour cream, and chives.  I am not going to forget that burger for a long time. I have truly found my new favorite burger and fries. Then we got a special anniversary treat. Thank you we truly weren’t expecting that but is was so good and so appreciated.

  • Lori Drzewiecki

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