This is what your page will look like if you sign up for a Business Insider or Business Insider Plus membership.

Notice the page is blank. Except the search and signing up for the newsletter. These cannot be removed. All advertising and general information from the side and bottom of the other pages have been removed, that can be.

Additional widgets are optional and can be requested through My Widget Request in the My Account page.  These will be set up by the administrators.

Footers will not be available, and the endorsements and update sections will remain. If you have the insider plus membership your link to your own site will be the next image on the right side.

So, tell us about your business.  Why should we be your customer.

Show us images.  Show us your business card, a copy of your brochure, or other marketing materials.

This area is meant to hold static content that represents your business.

As a business insider Plus you can also ad a link from this page to your own website.  I am continuously obtaining/collecting business cards through networking groups, individuals, my own travels, etc.  Just like yours, after I receive a card I add it to the virtual networking page and then contact the person on the card, obviously the goal at the very least is to have one more business owner see your information.

I also have a personal/home membership for non business owners who will also be able to see your business information on this site.  Having traffic through this site helps bring traffic to your site, that is the plan.  I need your help to make that work.

If you have a business insider plus membership you can also have information about the products you offer on my site included on this page.

Look below at the posting, these are your footer items, two types of posts will populate on your page.  The first is up to you, it is your posts about your business.  The second, I create. The endorsements you receive from other businesses and customers. Up to 3 posts can be seen for each category.  I have the post set up for excerpts of 250 words to be created automatically. Your updates will also populate on the landing page of this site.

Lets build this virtual network together.