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This feature/tool is also known as an update.  It populates in Member News is a collection of Business Posts (updates).

Post Created by Business Member show up; on own member news page, on Main Member News page, Some may be included in Newsletters.

Content; Company News, Events, Blogs
Only 5 Posts will show up on the Member News page at a time.

This is a great post to promote your services with.

Posts will be re-posted on our Facebook page, as well as other Social Media formats. You can expect to see your Business Posts daily for as long as they are relevant. Note, that the more features/tools you utilize the more often people will see you. It is thought that you need to be seen 7 – 12 times before you are front of mind awareness for your customers.

This feature/tool helps with your SEO, Front of Mind Awareness & Promoting/Advertising

*If you have questions, please ask in the forum.