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My husband REFUSED to see a chiropractor. Fear was probably the biggest reason. He suffered from nerve pain and thought it would only be worse. Desperation, made me seek out a chiropractor who would be mindful of his fear, as well as able to change my husbands mind about chiropractors. Anyone who knows my husband knows once he has his mind set there is NO changing it, well until now.  Christopher Culligan of Chiropractic Complete is phenomenal!! He HEARD our/his concerns. He explains EVERYthing before he does it. He not only takes baby steps but makes those steps smaller if needed. He is down to earth and has a realistic real life approach. The fact that my husband has gone more than once is a miracle all it’s own, but the ultimate miracle is he has changed his mind about going to a chiropractor. I personally cannot thank Dr. Culligan enough for all he has already done for my husband.  The road will be long and slow but at least we are on the road. Thank you Dr. Culligan!!

  • Lori Drzewiecki

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