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Endorsement 1. – 9Round: Katie Redman Day 1

9Round Muskego

Day 1 at 9 Round!!! Don't know what took so long!! Okay I do but I seriously wish it didn't. This may be my new obsession!! I am amazed at how much I was able to sweat. Today I was more focused on learning the ropes and doing things properly than I was on "working out." I just didn't want to make a fool of myself, you know working out in front of "everyone", yeah it's not like that. I told Katie my concerns and fears and she just took it in stride and said yep so you are going to do this and do it this way and when you need to stop just stop. Before I knew it I was sweating and so focused on what I was doing it didn't matter if there were 1000 people in that room, Katie made me feel like I was the only one. By the way I wasn't, but it really didn't matter. You really do have your own personal trainer and one to one training based on where you are at. I can't wait to go again. I'd be there again today if I really thought I wouldn't be dead tomorrow, so my goal is to do it all again tomorrow since they mix up the exercises daily. Can't wait to see how this goes and what changes await the next 3 months. So I plan to be kicking some A** and punching out some frustrations while burning a few calories and hopefully the end product will be a size or two smaller. One can hope right. If you haven't checked it out, do it today, you won't regret it. Thanks Katie!! I plan on seeing you tomorrow. The rest of you, watch for updates on my progress, No pictures though.

Endorsement 2. – 9Round Muskego part 2

9Round Muskego

5 weeks in, and even more obsessed than I was at the beginning. I am sweating by round 2, the increase in stamina and strength is surprising. A bit of a roller coaster for weight as I build muscle. But 5 days a week for 5 weeks and it has become a requirement of my day to day schedule. Katie is absolutely awesome. She does a great job of balancing pushing you and encouraging you with the need to modify easier or harder. I can't wait to see what the next couple months will bring. This is the best workout I have ever done.

Endorsement 3. – 9Round Muskego

9Round Muskego


Endorsement 1. – Aud Mar Banquet Hall: Ryan Oschmann

June 23, 2001 my husband and I got married at he Aud Mar. It was beautiful back then. So much so we inspired a few couples to also get married there. Since then there have been a few changes, and we hadn't been back for many years. Today we went back to the Bass Bay Brewhouse side for dinner. We spoke to our servers about how it was 15 years ago. We then walked the property. The Arbor is just as beautiful, the landscaping is updated and fresh, and of course you have the beautiful lake. I would recommend the Aud Mar a thousand times over 15 years ago today I would recommend it a thousand times more.

Endorsement 1. – The BEST Bacon Cheese Burger EVER!!

Tonight my husband and I celebrated our 15th anniversary where it started, well kind of. We went to what is now called the Bass Bay Brewhouse for dinner. Formerly The Aud Mar. Either way I had the absolute hands down best bacon cheese burger and loaded french fries. I normally do not get excited about my food, and definitely not a bacon burger. The reality is I have never had a bacon cheese burger worth getting excited about, till now. I am particular about my bacon, I like it crispy. Bass Bay Brewhouse not only makes the bacon crispy but it's in chunky pieces. You get bacon in EVERY bite. Then there is the sauce. I can't remember what was special about it, but it was a perfect compliment. The bun was perfect. It wasn't so big you couldn't fit it in your mouth or you had more bun than meat. It was really the most perfect burger. Then I had the loaded fries with the baked potato load. Incredible, same chunky bacon pieces with cheese and sour cream, and chives. I am not going to forget that burger for a long time. I have truly found my new favorite burger and fries. Then we got a special anniversary treat. Thank you we truly weren't expecting that but is was so good and so appreciated.

Endorsement 1. – B-Lazy Diner

You have to check out B-Lazy Diner!!! Stopped in for their Cod Bucket this weekend.  It was GREAT, lightly breaded and wonderfully flaky.  What I loved the most is I was able to pick it up and drive 10 minutes home and it wasn't soggy or greasy.  Some places you can't get it to the table with out it being both. Came with fries that also stayed crispy for the ride. The buckets also include coleslaw and tarter sauce.  The tarter sauce is my husbands absolute favorite. Check it out for yourself.  You can now eat right at the diner.  

Endorsement 1. – Body and Soul Massage: Jenny LaMacchia

AHHHHHHHH!!!! Pure bliss and relaxation. She is incredible.I don't typically indulge in pampering myself, in fact I received this massage as a gift. Let me tell you I think about that massage all the time. It was to die for. It literally changed my mind about indulging in pampering myself. Can't wait for the next one.

Endorsement 1. – Bow Wow Club: Cindy

They did an awesome job with our dog. She is so soft. She looks great and we couldn t be happier with how she looks! Thank you so much for taking care of Sassy.

Endorsement 1. – The Best Chiropractor – Chiropractic Complete

My husband REFUSED to see a chiropractor. Fear was probably the biggest reason. He suffered from nerve pain and thought it would only be worse. Desperation, made me seek out a chiropractor who would be mindful of his fear, as well as able to change my husbands mind about chiropractors. Anyone who knows my husband knows once he has his mind set there is NO changing it, well until now. Christopher Culligan of Chiropractic Complete is phenomenal!! He HEARD our/his concerns. He explains EVERYthing before he does it. He not only takes baby steps but makes those steps smaller if needed. He is down to earth and has a realistic real life approach. The fact that my husband has gone more than once is a miracle all it's own, but the ultimate miracle is he has changed his mind about going to a chiropractor. I personally cannot thank Dr. Culligan enough for all he has already done for my husband. The road will be long and slow but at least we are on the road. Thank you Dr. Culligan!!

Endorsement 1. – Going on a vacation? Cruise Planners: Janelle Andrews

A great way to explore ideas and concepts with individuals looking to improve a variety of items in their businesses or work environment.  There is a bit of networking as well. This is a great group where we get to know each other very well and know who we can tape into for answers. Just a great group. 

Endorsement 1. – Culligan: Cas Walters

BEST decision I have ever made!!! Getting my softener salt delivered!  I love that I no longer need to worry about when we run out, loading 40 pound bags into or onto a cart, pushing that cart, loading the car, unloading the car, hauling the bags to the basement and best of all I don't have to make my husband who suffers from fibromyalgia do it all either.  This is a win win situation.  It takes ALL the hassle out of this chore and is cost effective. I hate wasting money and this is the best money I have ever spent.  Thank you Cas for sitting down with me and telling me about this awesome service. I couldn't be happier!!!

Endorsement 1. – End of the Leash: Susie Hardaker

Love this store!! They have everything your dog or cat could possibly need. Great food products, toys and grooming. I travel a bit to buy my food for the dogs and it is worth it. The people are great!!! They care about you and your pet.They know their stuff and have great customer service as well.

Endorsement 1. – Erickson’s Landscape Supply: Jon Erickson

I live in Muskego, this company is in Union Grove, I would drive there in a heart beat for all my landscape needs despite the fact there are probably 5 other landscape companies along the way. The reasons start to add up; 1. You can talk to people there, you know where to pay for it. 2. It is easy to shop and to load up your supplies. 3. You can look up their products online. I have tried to go to places closer to my home. I don't know if they are large company suppliers or not but I have wondered where do you go to talk to a person, much less pay. If I don't know how to complete the purchase you won't get it. 4. The people are wonderful. They are helpful and honest. Definitely worth the extra drive.

Endorsement 1. – Estate Services

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Haven Salon + Day Spa is even more beautiful after the water damage. Steve Caylor was hands down amazing to work with. I highly recommend Don Reidy to all.

Endorsement 1. – Parking your car at the airport? Exec Park: Barbara Pries

A great way to explore ideas and concepts with individuals looking to improve a variety of items in their businesses or work environment.  There is a bit of networking as well. This is a great group where we get to know each other very well and know who we can tape into for answers. Just a great group. 

Endorsement 1. – Genesis Masterminders

A great way to explore ideas and concepts with individuals looking to improve a variety of items in their businesses or work environment.  There is a bit of networking as well. This is a great group where we get to know each other very well and know who we can tape into for answers. Just a great group. 

Endorsement 1. – Beautiful Landscape – Ginkgo Leaf Studio

After spending years trying to get grass to grow in our heavily shaded yard, we hired Jim to design a perennial garden for our shaded yard. He did a beautiful job incorporating a wide variety of perennials that were suitable for shaded areas. Now each spring, instead of hoping our grass comes back, we look out and see all the plants peeking through the ground at various's beautiful!
#ginkgoleafstudio, #beautifullandscape, #landscapedesign, #themethodtomymadness

Endorsement 1. – Goodness Insurance: Bud Schlaeger and Marissa Goodness-Oleszak

I have not been a fan of many many insurance agencies. I was skeptical of any referrals, since I was referred to all the others only to be stunningly disappointed.Not here, wow!! I cannot say that enough about this agency. I had some unusual situations to call them about, and they were stellar. They made me feel like everything would be okay, and that I had nothing to worry about, no judgement no ridicule. This is a family agency and they make you feel like you are a welcome member of their family. I would tell absolutely anyone to talk to them. No gimmicks, no over selling, no unneeded extras, just straight up honest service.

Endorsement 1. – Java Jo’z Coffee & More: Boni Weis

Java Jo's coffee & more has the sweetest owner around. I held networking meetings there and she went above and beyond to make our meetings great. Java Jo'z is a great place to relax with a friend, with a paper or to have groups meetings in the back. Love this place.

Endorsement 1. KS Technology

I personally hate buying light bulbs.  I have had my share of the so called energy efficient bulbs literally blow up in my face.  I was nearly at the point of giving up.  That is when I met Steve and the LED lights and K&S Technologies.  Done.  I now have the last source for LED Light Bulbs.  They are incredibly bright but offer clean light meaning it's white light. In the past I felt I needed to include more light sources cuz what I was buying just didn't give off the light like I needed.  This is no longer the case. I won't be going back to the regular store bought lights, Steve is my guy, and I'll be going back for more. 

Endorsement 1. – Layton Glass & Mirror: Ron Pulver

All your glass, window, door and mirror needs are met at Layton Glass and Mirror. I have known the owners of this company for nearly 20 years. Their employees know there stuff!! Deb and Kathy are absolute experts. No job is too small or too large.

Endorsement 1. – Life Force: Keely

I went to Life Force and Keely because I couldn't loose weight for anything, along with a few other complaints. We went over some medical questions and concerns. For the first time, literally, in my life I felt like someone understood me and what I was going through. She made suggestions of medical tests I should consider requesting to verify what my symptoms were pointing to. The subsequent support system she has become I cannot express properly with words. I am not accustom to having support systems. Keely is the first person to validate me and reassure me that I wasn't loosing my mind. This along with her support has been overwhelming in a good way. I'm not to the point where I can truly work on my weight but when I am I will be discussing my approach with Keely first. Thank you for EVERYTHING!!

Endorsement 2. – LifeForce Fitness By Keely

keely has been my trainer for over 5 yrs and has helped me incorporate rehab exercises into my daily routine and workouts to build strength. She is always so flexible and agreeable about adjusting my exercises based on how I feel each time I see her. Her extensive knowledge and training in fitness and nutrition allows her to customize programs for all body types, ages, and physical limitations. She makes fitness so much more fun!

Endorsement 3. – Keely/Trainer

Keely showed me how to work out in a way I had not been introduced. She encouraged lifting weights and doing interval training. She knew my limits and pushed me just enough each session to be stronger and faster. She looks at big picture and not just the number on the scale. She is patient calm and motivating! She has become a friend and her gym has pushed me to bigger better goals!!

Endorsement 4. – Personalized program

I was looking for a way to increase Speed strength and conditioning for our youth baseball team. Keely was up to the challenge, without even batting an eye. Within a few weeks, we had a dynamic warm-up routine, an Interval program, plus additional items we did not even think to ask for. Nutrition notes, injury prevention, pitching recommendations, and more. All geared perfectly to the age group we are working with. Keely knows her stuff, and gets it done!

Endorsement 5. – Excellent Trainer

I have struggled with bad knees and knee surgeries. Keely helped me strengthen and condition my knees so they wouldn't get in the way of my accomplishing my goals. She knows her stuff and is a pleasure to work with. She is encouraging, realistic and has a good heart.

Endorsement 6. – Couldn’t Have Done It Without Keely

I had set a goal of getting fit and losing weight the healthy way. I had Keely walking by my side encouraging me and educating me. Keely's knowledge in healthy behaviors and nutrition was the reason I continue to reach my goals and live a much healthier life. I was pushed to points I never thought I could reach but Keely has always kept it positive. I could have never have done this without Keely!

Endorsement 7. – Highly recommend Keely!

I've trained with Keely for several years, and highly recommend her! She's extremely knowledgeable and knows just when to push and when to be supportive. Her programs meet you where you are and she can customize workouts to adjust to injuries & lifestyle. Even though I know that I'll be working hard each time I see her I look forward to my sessions.

Endorsement 8. – Best Personal Training Experience

Training with Keely was the best thing I could have done for myself. As an aging athlete who thought sports were done, Keely helped me realize my strength through lifting, nutrition and positive self motivation and thought. I'm stronger now than I've ever been. This has been an amazing experience and I truly believe Keely is one of the best in her field.

Endorsement 9. – Keely/Trainner/LifeForce

Keely not only helped me get in shape physically, but also mentally prepare for the journey of the life changes that accompanied it. She supported me through phone calls, emails, one on one meetings and any other way that she could. I was absolutely amazed with her commitment to support me in good and challenging times. The education that she provided me on healthy eating for achieving long term goals is irreplaceable. The training she provided me on fitness & working out has kept me motivated and moving forward on my fitness goals. I can not express enough gratitude for the patience, kindness and empathy Keely has shown throughout this journey.

Endorsement 1.- Lone Wolf Enterprises Poker Table

Jeff built me the best poker table ever. The construction is great and the finish is beautiful. I also got a personalized screen printed felt with my favorite band. Thanks Jeff!

Endorsement 1. – Lularoe: Angela McGuire

Went to my first Lularoe party this weekend. What fun. Watched a demonstration where a maxi skirt turned into 4 outfits just by itself. I've heard so much about how comfy and soft their leggings were. They weren't exaggerating!! They are heaven!! I just might live in them!! If you haven't checked them out be sure to.

Thank you Angela McGuire for a fun afternoon, and Thank you Karen for the invite.

Endorsement 1. – Marcia’s Second Time Around

This is the best resale furniture store I have found. Great prices, Great Quality, GREAT people. It was a pleasure to buy from them. Even my husband found something to buy. I highly recommend stopping there the next time you need a new piece of furniture, doesn't matter if its for your formal dining room or the basement, you won't go wrong with this store.

Endorsement 1. – Matty’s Bar & Grill

A friendly and truly caring staff, combined with one hell of an awesome menu, make Matty's a winning choice every time. I've been a customer for many years now. From a relaxing lunch or dinner, to full-scale parties or just a few drinks with friends, I've always had a great time.

Endorsement 1. – Mayne Measuring & Installation: Dennis Scherwinski

Love my blinds!! Love Dennis!! I bought custom blinds for my living room. They came in the perfect color and you can't see shadows at night. Love them!!!! Dennis made sure they were done right, from the measuring and color choice to the installation. Looking to do the entire house.

Endorsement 1. – De-cluttered my soul – Me First!

I attended 2 events, one personal, the other business. I Loved the personal event so much just had to apply the process to my business. I can't really express how empowering, emotional, liberating and educational this process was. I can't wait to participate in more events. If carry any emotional baggage at all a session with Me First! is an absolute must. Carol is so inspirational, loved how she guided us through this amazing process. Connecting with others is the unexpected surprise that helps you realize you are not alone. Just wow!! Can't wait for the next class/event.

Endorsement 2. – Chakradance: Me First! Carol Schlintz

Today I experienced my very first Chakradance. I will admit I was apprehensive to say the very least, I'm not big on being on display. To my surprise it really wasn't about that at all. It was an unexpected journey of the body, mind and soul complete with unexpected physical and emotional feelings. It may have been one of the most enlightening, educational and inspiring personal journey I have ever been on. I realize that sounds huge, it's because it kinda was. I'm not well tuned for meditation and as I said I was very apprehensive to even attend the class, but now I am looking forward to attending additional classes and the journey I go on while exploring my mind, body and soul. This is a must try for everyone!!

Endorsement – Me First!

Great workshop on courage, just love how you never know what will be revealed. Awesome job Carol!!

Endorsement – My First Zentangle Class

Endorsement 1. – Milwaukee Food & City Tours

Celebrated my brother-in-laws 50th Birthday in one of the best ways out there. We took the Tacos & Tequila Bus Tour. We stopped at Guadalajara for a sopa and tequila margarita, next was El Canaveral where we had a fajita and washed it down with a tequila sunrise. The final restaurant was El Senioral where we were serenaded by a Mariachi band while eating beef tongue or pork tacos. I chose pork tacos to go along with our strawberry blended margarita. Finally for dessert we stopped at La Flor De Trigo for some wonderful pastries. Sara was our tour guide, she was fun, knowledgeable, and easy going as we got a bit toasted on our tequila infused drinks. We had a bus view of the city with a few historic items such as the Frank Lloyd Wright houses (one of which my brother-in-law did the landscaping for - Ginkgo Leaf Studio), the 4 sided clock called the Polish Moon, and a Schlitz Tied House. To find out what these are I highly recommend you take the tour, or one of the other ones they offer. GREAT night out, Great food and a great way to celebrate. Happy Birthday Jim.

Endorsement 1. – Muskego Animal Hospital: Jessica A. West D.V.M

Having a GREAT place for your pet care is such a wonderful feeling. I love love love Dr. Jessica West. She has just a realist and no nonsense approach to animal care. One of my dogs has a condition that is hard to treat and even harder to diagnose. Other vets gave me crazy explanations and wanted to do even crazier tests. Dr. West evaluated the situation and agreed the tests were crazy and unnecessary. She then reassured us that we were doing right by our dog and provides us with the needed treatment. Love love love her, wouldn't take my beloved animals anywhere else!!

Endorsement 1. – New Berlin Auction & Sales Barn

Wish I had been to this place a lot sooner.  I could have used them a few months ago.  Do you like to go to auctions? Check out this place every Sunday. I had never been to one before and this was a great introduction to them.  Not too many people so it wasn't overly overwhelming.  looking forward to checking out this place again.  We may need to utilize there estate side at some point.  

Endorsement 1. – Olde Madrid: Manny & Natalie Salinas

YUMMMMMM. What more can one say? From the authentic food to the wine.Great atmosphere and customer service to boot. A must for lunch and dinner.

Endorsement 1. – Love Pampered Chef

I love pretty much everything Pampered Chef. Ann Marie Alvarez is passionate about her Pampered Chef business! Ann Marie is my go to girl for all my Pampered Chef needs!! Love her!!

Endorsement 1. – Pantheon Industries – Recycling

I'm a firm believer in shredding.  Pantheon Industries offer an AWESOME shredding program.  I am currently "renting" a 64 Gallon Bin, basically an out door garbage can.  This Bin Locks so it is great for office setting. There are no contracts and do minimums. They drop off the container and pick it back up, and the cost is incredible.  When all is said and done you get a certificate of destruction.   This may be part of my shredding routine from here on out. Just Awesome!!!

Endorsement 1. – R. Domres Construction, Inc.: Randy Domres

Randy Domres fixed our basement. He needed to redo all the bricks in a corner of our basement and along the top of the entire back wall. The one corner went all the way down to the floor. As a woman, I appreciate men who talk to you like you have a brain. Because I had to explain things to the husband when he got home, I asked many questions. I was given thorough answers without condescension like you get with some companies. This man and his crew were exceptional. It has been a while since this work has been done, years now, but I still hold them as the bench mark for customer service and relations. Their work was phenomenal as well, no issues and no cracks.

Endorsement 1. – results coaching: Beth Gilmore

You will never find a more trustworthy person to do business with, Beth is the essence of integrity and honesty. She has helped countless businesses get started as well as stay in business, in the Racine and surrounding areas of Wisconsin. She understands the how human nature and life’s obstacles effect one’s business. She moves her clients through the process of being ordinary to being extraordinary, you only need to be coachable to achieve success with Beth, the rest she will provide with compassion, guidance, structures, accountability and integrity.

Endorsement 1. – Salveo Holistic Wellness

So it's been about 6 weeks since my first visit to Salveo Holistic Wellness and my PHENOMENAL transformation began. I cannot stress PHENOMENAL enough!! As a quick recap I have been suffering from chronic, debilitating fatigue for 25+ years. I have been told over an over and over again nothing is wrong. All tests came back normal. Just like so many of us I am sure. I can only say the universe sent me to Salveo Holistic Wellness. I say this because a series of extremely unlikely events happened in about a 3 - 4 week time frame that placed me in the Salveo Holistic Wellness office speaking to Karen about 6 weeks ago. I received my assessment, I listened to what she told me, I watched in awe how she came to her conclusions and finally went home to take my goodie bag of supplements. Ready to conquer my chronic fatigue, my adrenal fatigue, my thyroid issues, my digestion issues all head on. I couldn't believe it, it didn't take long and I started to feel better. I had my good and bad days but considering everyday was a bad day for fatigue, to have even 1 where I didn't feel the weight of chronic fatigue weighing me down was PHENOMENAL. The good days soon out weigh the bad, now I feel great more often then not. I couldn't wait to go back for my follow up to see what they had to say. Today was that day!! I saw Nicole. Nicole and Karen are some of the sweetest, kindest, most compassionate people I have met in any kind medical field. She was able to confirm exactly how I was feeling. Not yet 180 degrees from where I started but about 140 - 150 degrees. I still have a bit to take care of, so some more supplements and a few diet changes and hopefully I will be able to get to that 180 degree mark. It almost brings me to tears how powerful this experience has been. I wouldn't wish the suffering I have endured for the last 25+ years on my worst enemy, and now my suffering is disappearing. If you suffer from chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue and all that goes with it you know what I mean and I strongly suggest you call Nicole up and set up an appointment. I promise you won't be disappointed. This was with out a doubt the single most important and best decision I have EVER made. I only wish I could have done this 25+ years ago. My life has changed and I don't plan on it ever going back to the way it was.

Thank you so very much Nicole and Karen, I can never thank you enough!!!!

Endorsement 1. – ScarfGuru: Amanda Pelzek

I picked up my first infinity scarf last Christmas time. I love, love, love it.

Endorsement 1. – The Best Fish Fry Ever at The Mineshaft

We had the best fish fry ever on Friday. Worth every minute of the nearly hour drive to get there. Sonya was a wonderful waitress. We could choose from Shrimp, Perch, Cod, or Poorman's Lobster. We chose all but the shrimp. I came out so quickly. The Poorman's lobster was flaky and juicy. The Breading on the cod and perch light and crispy. No skimping on quantity or quality of food. Hands down the best fish fry I have ever had.

Endorsement 1. – The Sign Shop Inc.: Anne Gibson

Get your printing needs done here. We launched a side en-devour for my husband. All his shirts and decals come from here. Great turn a round time, and prices, help keep costs low. Variety of products helps with marketing and promotions. Check them out!!

Endorsement 1. – Thompson Dental

Not Afraid of My dentist

I have to tell you I have lived in fear of going to the dentist nearly my entire life and I have avoided them like the plague. Last November I broke a molar so I had no choice but to go see a dentist. Thanks to a dear friend who understood my terror of dentists she directed me to Thompson Dental. I expressed my concerns and they welcomed me with open arms, they had no idea what they were in for. Those poor souls; Melinda, Courtney and Dr. Thompson all were on the receiving end of my fear. Courtney probably the worst, as I literally broke down in tears sitting in her chair, mind you I am 45 and cried like a child. Turns out the molar was broken in 3 places at its base, which means it needed to be pulled. This molar is in the back so it was big. Now I have to deal with a major procedure, on top of my fear of being there, plus I do not know these people. Only that wasn’t the half of it. My blood pressure was so high they couldn’t do the procedure. I have no idea where this came from but I am suddenly facing blood pressure that is so high I literally can have a stroke. I know you are thinking it was just fear, but you would be wrong. I am currently still working on getting my blood pressure completely under control. I cannot express the gratitude I have for Thompson dental. I have never seen a dentist take someone’s blood pressure before, much less turn them away saying we can’t pull the tooth. They were so concerned about my well being. They were so compassionate, so understanding, so reassuring. I went to see my doctor right away, and got medicated enough to have my molar removed. Despite my general fear, knowing the compassion I received at up to this point, I was able to go through with the removal of the tooth. For those who share my fear, you know how big of a deal this really is to go back and face that fear again. I have since had a few follow up appointments and can say that I am no longer afraid of the dentist, although I might really say I am not afraid of Dr. Thompson or the wonderful women he has working for him. Their kindness is so incredible; I literally feel it as I write this. Not only did they literally save my life, they destroyed my fear and that alone is saying a lot. Thank you so very much I cannot express how much I appreciate all you have done for me.

Endorsement 1. – Tiferet Chiropractic: Scott Sheriff

Love this man!! Scott has a great approach to chiropractic care as well as general health care. I love that he doesn't just crack your back. He looks at the whole picture. What is the reason for the problem and how can it be managed. He isn't about making you dependent on him to feel good,but rather making you feel good so you don't need a doctor. He educates you and shows you ways to be healthier, whether that means exercises, behavior or nutrition.

Endorsement 1. – Traci Bogan

A true inspiration of courage, tenacity, and consistency!!She is a goal making genius and her life is proof of this.  practices what she preaches, she literally lives her life being a Dreampreneur, from conception to implementation.  Traci is a speaker you shouldn't miss, and author you must read, a networker you must connect with and a Dreampreneur you need to learn from. 

Endorsement 1. – Trail Blazer Seat

I needed a custom seat for my Trail Blazer custom mini bike I am building and Karen came through and made me an amazing seat. Quality materials and stitching. Thanks Karen!

Endorsement 2. – 14 inches donated – Urban Trends

She came through AGAIN! Kori Hassler of Urban Trends is the absolute best. It's been quite a while since I've been into see her, 14 inches worth, but is was worth the wait!! I absolutely love my cut and color, the picture doesn't do either justice!! Kori is the ONLY one I trust 100% to give complete reign of what we are going to do this time. So Excited!! A few (14) inches getting sent to a good cause. Thank you Kori!! Love Ya!!

Endorsement 1. – Urban Trends Salon Spa: Kori Hassler

Love, Love, Love this girl. She is the ONLY person I have ever fully trusted with my hair. I have given her full reign to do as she pleases with it. Perfect every time. She is also the only stylist I followed from one salon to another. Her spunk, and fun personality are surpassed only by talent. Can't say enough!!

Endorsement 1. – Waterford Automotive: Jim Strehlow

I take all my car service needs to Waterford Automotive.He is always busy, but always seems to make time. Reasonable prices, and outstanding service.I no longer live in Waterford, but if my car can make it to this shop, that is where it will go to be fixed, no two ways about it.

Endorsement 1. – Zoe’s Vicious Circle

This was one of the best tattoo shop experiences I've had.
Spencer did an excellent job!!

Endorsement 2. – Zoe’s Vicious Circle

I won't go anywhere for my tattoos except here. Spencer is amazing, and has a great crew of artists working for him!!

Endorsement 3. – Zoe’s AWESOME

He really listens to ideas and does beautiful work.

Endorsement 4. – Awesome Work

I have gone to Spencer for many years and will be finally getting my nightmare before christmas half sleeve started at the end of April. I love Spencer's work.


Lularoe: Angela McGuire

Pretty & Practical Pine: Carol Schlintz

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