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“An act of giving one’s public approval, support or testimonial”

Remember you can consider an endorsement the same as a testimonial, a review or a shout out.

This is my way of getting your word of mouth out there for others to read.

Endorsements are reviewed prior to posting, No “comments” are included in the post. They are reviewed and posted by site administrators only.

Visitors can view Endorsements by the link to Business’s Introduction and Endorsement page.

Endorsements posted to Facebook after publishing, along with re-posts which will occur periodically. You can expect to see your endorsement a minimum of once every 30 days at this time. Of course the more endorsements you receive the more often you will see them. Note, that the more features/tools you utilize the more often people will see you. It is thought that you need to be seen 7 – 12 times before you are front of mind awareness for your customers.

To add your business to virtual networking use the Business Directory Form

* Tell your clients and friends to endorse you. Endorse a Business you use.

This feature/tool helps with your SEO, Front of Mind Awareness & Promoting/Advertising

Participating in the Feature/Tool gets you 1pt in your listing order.

*If you have questions, please ask in the forum.