Available to all Business Members;
the number of ads you can run are unlimited.

Use Event Ads for; Open Houses, Sale Events at Brick and Mortar Locations, Class Schedules; Show Schedules.

Features of Event Ads include; ads run for 2 weeks, reminder of ad ending via email 5 days before the end, Ads are deleted after the 2 weeks, Ads will show up in Member News and Facebook. You can expect to see your Event Ads to run daily during the duration of its run. Note, that the more features/tools you utilize the more often people will see you. It is thought that you need to be seen 7 – 12 times before you are front of mind awareness for your customers.

This feature/tool helps with your SEO, Front of Mind Awareness & Promoting/Advertising

*If you have questions, please ask in the forum.