The extent of this feature is determined on the number of memberships. Up to 5 ads may run at any given time. All paid ads are intended to promote Our Entrepreneur Network.
Available to all Business Members
Ads will include:
General website promotion
Website offers or discounts
Business Membership Features
Home Membership Features
Featured Business Promotion:
Business must meet featured business requirements
Promotion will be created by Our Entrepreneur Network Team
Content from Business Page
Content provided upon request
Link will direct to Our Entrepreneur Network website only.
Ad will run the same month as Featured Business on Our Entrepreneur Network.

Note, that the more features/tools you utilize the more often people will see you. It is thought that you need to be seen 7 – 12 times before you are front of mind awareness for your customers.

This feature/tool helps with your SEO, Front of Mind Awareness & Promoting/Advertising

*If you have questions, please ask in the forum.