Introduction: Solutions by Lori LLC – Our Entrepreneur Network: Lori Drzewiecki

Our Entrepreneur Network

I own Solutions by Lori. I promote YOUR business through my website and through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and tumblr. My goal is to get your business in front of people over and over again. This is done through posts called; My Listing, My Introduction, Endorsements and Let's Network, all these features are free because I want your business to be in front of mind awareness of YOUR customers. The more features/tools you take advantage of the more you will get out in front of people addition features/tool are available through memberships, check out business memberships for details.
Unlike other sites where you "register" and your business is listed or reviewed, your business will be reposted and reposted by us. Customers wont just have to go to you or your website, or your Facebook page we bring them to the people. Each post available through goes through a mon