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This feature/tool is designed to help you connect with businesses so you can get to know them better.


  1. Go in to each meeting with a buyer’s mindset.  Even if you are not in need of this service, you might know or will know someone who can.
  2. Be prepared to put your electronics away.
  3. Be prepared to listen to the other person.
  4. Be prepared to take notes
  5. Be prepared to let the person you are meeting who YOUR IDEAL customer is.
  6. Consider a 2nd meeting if needed to go further into each business, if time doesn’t permit during the first meeting.

You will contact each other through the private message link. You will need to use the user name once you get to private messenger.

*note: you MUST register (login) to participate in this feature.

Invite businesses you know to join the list.

To be included in this feature fill out the business directory form. if you business is already listed on the site it will be updated with your current updates.

Participating in the Feature/Tool gets you 1pt in your listing order.


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Pretty & Practical Pine: Carol Schlintz

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