Endorsement 1. – De-cluttered my soul – Me First!

I attended 2 events, one personal, the other business.  I Loved the personal event so much just had to apply the process to my business.  I can’t really express how empowering, emotional, liberating and educational this process was. I can’t wait to participate in more events. If carry any emotional baggage at all a session with Me First! is an absolute must. Carol is so inspirational, loved how she guided us through this amazing process. Connecting with others is the unexpected surprise that helps you realize you are not alone. Just wow!! Can’t wait for the next class/event.


Endorsement 2. – Chakradance: Me First! Carol Schlintz

Today I experienced my very first Chakradance. I will admit I was apprehensive to say the very least, I’m not big on being on display. To my surprise it really wasn’t about that at all. It was an unexpected journey of the body, mind and soul complete with unexpected physical and emotional feelings. It may have been one of the most enlightening, educational and inspiring personal journey I have ever been on.  I realize that sounds huge, it’s because it kinda was. I’m not well tuned for meditation and as I said I was very apprehensive to even attend the class, but now I am looking forward to attending additional classes and the journey I go on while exploring my mind, body and soul. This is a must try for everyone!!


Endorsement – Me First!

Great workshop on courage, just love how you never know what will be revealed. Awesome job Carol!!



Endorsement – My First Zentangle Class

so I went to my very first Zentagle class on Tuesday, what fun!! It was co taught by Carol Schlintz and Debbie Krivitz at the Inward Journeys Studio in Big Bend.  Our class was small but our desire to learn was huge.  I have not gotten into the adult coloring thing, primarily due to time, but I think I would enjoy this so much more. The simple step by step process to create your own design is quite addictive. We only learned a few patterns but I couldn’t wait to buy my own sketch book and put what I learned into practice again and again. What a surprisingly therapeutic activity.  Thank you Carol and Debbie, I can’t wait for the next class and the Christmas class.