We offer 2 Types of pages, Shared and Own.  This is the first decision that decides your membership level.  A Shared page will look like this page here.  All the content on the right side and at the bottom will remain, in other words our sites content as well as the content of other members will remain on your page while the rest of the page will contain your content per the membership. If you want ONLY your content to be represented on YOUR business page then you want Own page. On your own page you get to utilize the right hand column for additional advertising and content.


Which Type of Business Page do you want?

Shared Business Page = Business Basic

you will go to the next feature for business basic

Own Business Page = Business Insider

you will go to the next feature for business Insider


For more details see Terms and Conditions by clicking below.

Shared Business Page     Own Business Page

For Samples click below.

The Home Page = Shared            Mini Bike Maniac = Own


Business Memberships Page

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***We reserve the right to adjust and change Memberships and/or Features/Tools at any time for any reason.***