It’s Finally Here!!!

It’s here!!!

After longer than I would have liked I am finally launching my project.  Well Beta Launching at least.  This site is really 2 sites in 1.  A Business Networking/Advertising Site and a Home Site.  Each side of the site is designed to be a set of tools for you to use.

The best place to start is to check out the membership pages, under Business Madness and Home Madness. Here you will find charts for all the benefits and features being offered.  This like the rest of the site is a work in progress. I already have additional items in the works, they need to wait, otherwise this site would never launch.

As a guest you are limited to the content you will be able to see.  Members have access to additional content based on the level,  your keys to unlocking the membership tools will be found on your account page.

I am hoping together we can make this site the best it can be, and expand it to have bigger and better features.  Please join me on this journey, which is just getting started.

Thank you



September 15, 2015 * mymadness


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January 22, 2016 * mymadness


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