Pretty & Practical Pine
Baskets are made by stitching Pine Needles with artificial Sinew (or other cording).  Needles are harvested by the artist, only from the ground or dead branches.  No tree is ever stripped of its living needles!  The needles are 8-15 inches long and come from longleaf and loblolly pine trees in Florida, Georgia and South & North Carolina. Each is finished with polyurethane.

Wooden Disk with blue fantasy eye #181

4" Diameter x 2" H
Basket is made of natural & blue hand dyed pine needles.
Accented with peyote stitched beads & needle patterns.
Base is wood with a fantasy eye (possibly dragon?) painted by me
Polyurethane added to preserve beauty through use and over time
Inspiration tag: Imagine

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Shop Listing: Wooden Disk with blue fantasy eye #181

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Price: $45

Contact Info: cschlintz@gmail.com414-630-5124

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Full Listing: Pretty & Practical Pine

Pretty & Practical Pine: Carol Schlintz

Pretty & Practical Pine: Carol Schlintz

Carol Schlintz

Cell Phone:414-530-5124
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Category: Art/Artist

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Pretty and Practical Pine Carol Schlintz

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