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A Few Reasons Why

You should be a member of

Our Entrepreneur Network



Search Engine Optimization; As a Business Member your Business Name is represented in 5 different ways. The Business Member Slider is on every page other than Business Insider pages. There are a lot of pages on this site and it is growing.

SEO is one reason why you see so many advertisements on websites. The more a business is represented online the better their own SEO becomes.

70 Features and counting

Marketing involves a combination of tools, including online marketing and promoting, The Method to My Madness addresses 18 tools/features and counting, to help promote your business. The number of tools you can take advantage of depends on the membership level.

Business Pages

As a Business Member you will get a page to promote your business. This is a great way to add information about your business that you cannot fit on your business card. Use it as an extension of a business flyer. Your membership level determines the available options.

Promoting Products

Do you have a store of your own, brick and mortar or online? Have you used auction sites or other selling sites? Yes, then you will appreciate the fact there are no hidden fees, and no surprises, just the membership fee you chose.

Events and Classifieds

Employment, Rental, Open Houses, Craft Fairs, Charity Events are just some of the items you can promote as a Business Member.  The number listed each month is based on membership level.


We just scratched the surface. The tools/features are based on membership levels. For the complete list See Business Memberships. Click on the feature to see complete description.

We are about helping you promote your business!!!