Referrals are always appreciated. For each referral complete with their business card, you will get your card included in the referrer’s grid at the bottom of the home page. Each business referred provides 1 month in the grid.  This feature now offers linking to your page if you have one. This feature is seen on the home page plus each post, posted in Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr also show this on the bottom of the page. The number of pages here is countless.

Further: With a minimum of 5 referrals you become eligible for additional referral benefits.

The member with the most referrals in the month gets 1 month extension of current membership.

The Member with the most referrals in the year gets 1 year extension of current membership free.

To get an extended membership you must first have a membership also, as of now a referral means invites not conversions.

Please provide an image of their business card.

* To refer a business use the Business Directory Form

*If you have questions, please ask in the forum.

Participating in the Feature/Tool gets you 1pt in your listing order.