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So it’s been about 6 weeks since my first visit to Salveo Holistic Wellness and my PHENOMENAL transformation began.  I cannot stress PHENOMENAL enough!! As a quick recap I have been suffering from chronic, debilitating fatigue for 25+ years. I have been told over an over and over again nothing is wrong. All tests came back normal. Just like so many of us I am sure.  I can only say the universe sent me to Salveo Holistic Wellness. I say this because a series of extremely unlikely events happened in about a 3 – 4 week time frame that placed me in the Salveo Holistic Wellness office speaking to Karen about 6 weeks ago. I received my assessment, I listened to what she told me, I watched in awe how she came to her conclusions and finally went home to take my goodie bag of supplements. Ready to conquer my chronic fatigue, my adrenal fatigue, my thyroid issues, my digestion issues all head on. I couldn’t believe it, it  didn’t take long and I started to feel better. I had my good and bad days but considering everyday was a bad day for fatigue, to have even 1 where I didn’t feel the weight of chronic fatigue weighing me down was PHENOMENAL. The good days soon out weigh the bad, now I feel great more often then not. I couldn’t wait to go back for my follow up to see what they had to say. Today was that day!! I saw Nicole. Nicole and Karen are some of the sweetest, kindest, most compassionate people I have met in any kind medical field. She was able to confirm exactly how I was feeling. Not yet 180 degrees from where I started but about 140 – 150 degrees.  I still have a bit to take care of, so some more supplements and a few diet changes and hopefully I will be able to get to that 180 degree mark. It almost brings me to tears how powerful this experience has been.  I wouldn’t wish the suffering I have endured for the last 25+ years on my worst enemy, and now my suffering is disappearing.  If you suffer from chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue and all that goes with it you know what I mean and I strongly suggest you call Nicole up and set up an appointment. I promise you won’t be disappointed. This was with out a doubt the single most important and best decision I have EVER made. I only wish I could have done this 25+ years ago.  My life has changed and I don’t plan on it ever going back to the way it was.

Thank you so very much Nicole and Karen, I can never thank you enough!!!!

  • Lori Drzewiecki

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