Also known as “Member Plus” memberships
Quantities allowed are determined by Membership Level.
Product tables are set up to membership level quantities.
Business Basic Plus
100 Items at any one time
Business Insider Plus
200 Items at any one time
Member will manage own submissions
Administrator will review submissions randomly
Own Business page located on The method to My madness website
Items are purchased via link to business’s own product page/store.
Selling Guidelines
This WILL be a work in progress
Common Sense and Discretion is Advised
Consider what can and cannot be listed on other auction or community based selling sites.
I reserve the right to change any and all rules pertaining to selling on this site at any time
It is YOUR responsibility to verify you can sell etc your items via this format
Check with your company such as Avon or Tupperware
Verify their policies for links and sales
Purchasing a Plus membership requires submitting description of products
Any concerns about your product email us first
Allowed to Sell Items
MOST home based business products such as
Most home items
As for Madness Rummage Sales
G – PG rated items
again common sense- if they don’t show it on basic TV, most likely we won’t allow it.
Disallowed to Sell Items
I’m NOT selling coupons but they are a function of my site
Anything X rated
We don’t want any links from my site to anything of X rated nature
Anything Illegal
This includes paraphernalia
This includes drugs that may be or become legal in some states
Anything that is not allowed on other auction or community selling sites
I reserve the right to change this list at any time for any reason
Failure to properly manage these guidelines will result in any or all
Removal of Items without notice
Suspension of privilege to sell
Cancellation of subscription without notice or refund
Due to product linking to your own site, you manage your own payments, based on your own store.
This saves both of us money, time and other issues.
Time limit for posted products is the same as the length of your active membership.
Due to nature of this site and features for selling on this site an item can stay posted as long as you have an active membership.
See Mini Bike Maniac’s Page as an example

This feature/tool helps with your SEO, Front of Mind Awareness, & Promoting/Advertising

*If you have questions, please ask in the forum.