My Journey – Introduction
By Lori Drzewiecki: The Method to My Madness

This is my first blog ever and thank you for reading it. This is my introduction to the world. For better or for worse I am taking the leap into blogging. Please be patient with me while I test these waters and get my bearings.
Whatever am I going to even talk about? Well This first one is more about the point of my website. Actually an introduction to the business side of it. From here I plan to take you on my business and website journey. I’m hoping my journey, for its ups and downs will help someone through their own journey. Maybe by knowing all the mistakes I’ve made I can help one of you not make that mistake. My successes may inspire you to do the same thing. My frustrations may make you think about how you can avoid your own, or maybe even help someone through theirs. Follow me as I blog about the various stepping stones I placed under my feet on the journey to the website The Method to My Madness.
My main goal for this was to help fellow business owners promote their businesses. I have done my share of business promotion from networking to word of mouth, to Facebook to the traditional forms with ads and such. Some work great other’s I have a few issues with. Some are costly, while many are not effective anymore. I wanted to put my own twist on marketing and networking in a convenient and concise place where it is cost effective while offering a number of options.
On to a bit about the business side, of The Method to My Madness.
The Method to My Madness is a combination of two concepts. Business Networking Tools and Home Tools were developed from my life experiences. I, started this endeavor when I realized that others may benefit from these concepts. Although they are unconventional at times they are typically effective.
The moto is Promoting Effective Action Through Strategic Solutions. This comes from my unconventional ways of looking at tasks and creating systems to accomplish the tasks in a more efficient way, both timely and costly.
Business Networking is a necessity, particularly for small businesses. I felt there were some drawbacks to the standard networking platform. Since a business needs to be in front of a customer about 12 times before they become real or come to the forefront of the mind of a customer, offering ways to help fellow businesses became a mission. The question became how to make an effective tool to achieve this goal that other businesses would want.
Virtual Networking became that tool. Learning about businesses, Endorsing businesses, and Collecting Business Cards, are the three main activities when networking. The Virtual Networking pages becomes the starting point for a business wanting to become a community member. Once a business card has been uploaded, whether by someone wanting to refer a business or someone wanting to add their own business, Introductions and Endorsements for that business can be created. Just like in networking, it’s about referrals and/or endorsements. Once a business decides to join the family they have the choice of Business Basic or Business Insider. These both offer business cards to be placed on just about every page on the site, there are a few exceptions. Seeing a business card 12 times is highly likely, especially if a person clicks on one and checks out the business’ page to find out even more about the business.
This tool, now becomes more than just a networking tool it is also and advertising tool. Depending on the level of membership the benefits for a business are extensive. See the Business Memberships for more about the benefits.
Whether you only want to be a part of the business side or the home side, or maybe you want to belong to both, check out the benefits in the memberships: Business Memberships and Home Memberships. Join The Method to My Madness family and help us help you bring all the benefits this site has to offer to your home and your business.
Thanks for reading, Next one will be – Content
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