The Method to My Madness is about promoting businesses.  One of the ways we do this is by posting on social media and hoping for a few likes as well as shares of these posts.  These posts are all about helping entrepreneurs and their businesses.  After all our economy is run by entrepreneurs and they need us to advocate for them.  This is my contribution when in a time where Facebook and other social media platforms are full of all kinds of drama, silly videos and political memes getting liked, shared and viewed thousands of times or more. I am asking you to take a few moments and help out an entrepreneur or 2 maybe 3 by liking and sharing a post about them.  Each share can get each post seen by about 50 more people. Who knows you might just help someone find a business they need, that someone might even be you.

So I’m asking you to please like and share theses posts, and again thank you to those who take the time to do so already!!

Thank you from the businesses and The Method to My Madness