Business Cards are shown on Virtual Networking Page.
All Levels including non-members
Registration is NOT a requirement

The Business Cards got here by; My Collection, Collecting from sources, Friends, Business Card Boards, Networking Groups, Submissions

You can submit own card or that of another using the Business Directory Form link. This can also be found from the “My Account” page.

Your card can be removed by requesting it through contact us.

Your card can be updated by submitting entry with Business directory form and adding “update” to the title.
1. Verification of ownership of card may be requested.

Why submit your business; 1. Opportunity to be seen, 2. Opportunity to get endorsement, 3. Opportunity to submit introduction, 4. Helps with SEO rankings

Networking Table – Features; 1. Searchable
You can search by; 1. Key Term, 2. Business Name, 3. Business Category, 4. Business Location

Link to Business Members Page
Images of business cards open to Business Page; 1. Insider Own Pages, 2. Basic section of shared page

Business Locations
Business can be from any city, any state

This feature/tool helps with your SEO, Front of Mind Awareness, Promoting/Advertising & Networking

Participating in the Feature/Tool gets you 1pt in your listing order.

*If you have questions, please ask in the forum.